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Start Praying Now for the "1st Annual Light Up The Hills Rally"

By rolandbray, Nov 1 2016 03:51PM

Although Buffalo Chip Owner Rod Woodruff probably sees this as an additional money making opportunity, the Alliance of Churches in the small town of Sturgis sees it as an opportunity for Christians to make a difference.

For many years the Alliance and the townsfolk of Sturgis have prayed for a way to change the image of their little town. What better way to improve the image than to have thousands of praying, ministry minded bikers (and non-bikers) assembled in one place to praise God and promote a positive message? This is exactly what will happen with the First Annual Light Up The Hills Rally for Christian bikers on July 6-9, 2017, headquartered at the Buffalo Chip!

Each year thousands of non-Christian bikers attend the Sturgis Biker Week in August with one thing in mind – to have a good time, regardless what that means. There is drinking, immoral behavior, drug use, women sold for sex and complete disregard for civil, clean living. It is debauchery at its worst. It is a travesty.

To counter that - each year, hundreds of Christian ministry bikers ride to the Sturgis event with one thing in mind – ministry. They witness, they share their three-minute story, they hit the streets with bottles of water, wash windshields, share the Gospel and demonstrate the love and mercy of Jesus Christ. The Faith Riders even give away a Harley Davidson motorcycle each year to someone who listened to the three-minute story. God is changing lives as a result of each of these ministries attendance. This is our opportunity to help prepare the field for the next August Biker Week by coming together on July 6-9, 2017 in Sturgis to worship, fellowship and pray for the Holy Spirit to start in the Black Hills to take back our Country as One Nation Under God.

So, the reason for this post is multi-faceted.

1) To encourage you to begin praying *now* for this, the first year of the Light Up the Hills Rally. We want this to be a huge success with thousands of bikers in attendance. It is not for our glory or the glory of the organizers or promoters or performers, but for the Glory of God. Let Mr. Woodruff and the people of Sturgis know that Christians can, and will support a Godly rally.

2) To encourage you to pray for the people in attendance at the August Biker Week. Ask God to begin moving in the hearts of men and women to soften them to hear and accept the gospel and acknowledge their need of a savior. Christians will continue to attend the August rally because they believe they are called to that mission field.

3) To encourage you to pass the word about this event with friends and family members. Encourage people to bring their families. Even non-bikers with families can enjoy this event. They can tour the area and see the beautiful sights and end each evening by listening to Christian music.

4) To ask you to make a commitment to attend, if at all possible, regardless if you ride or not. Load up the car, station wagon, minivan, truck or RV and make the trip to Sturgis for The Light Up the Hills Rally, July 6-9 and be part of making history by attending and supporting the first year’s event!

For more information about the rally check out their website

www.lightupthehillsrally.com - the site is continually being updated so some links are still inactive


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