" We are committed to proclaiming the good news of the gospel through music and the spoken word . "


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Nikki Sanders - Drums and Percussion

Born 2 ½ months early and diagnosed with cerebral palsy she learned how to walk three times; but never let her disability stop her from experiencing all she wanted; including her pursuit of music.

Nikki began playing drums when she was 9 years old; developing her talent by becoming involved in church and playing in the worship band. She grew up knowing there was a God but didn't have a relationship with Him. In high school she wandered away from God beginning a relationship with a boy who lead her astray. Focused on him, she skipped youth group to spend time with him, knowing all along, she should have been inviting him to church. During this time her parents were separated and on the verge of a divorce, so she took comfort in him instead of God.


She became pregnant at 17, during her senior year in high school. Before her son was born, the father started showing signs of being controlling and emotionally abusive. As is the case with many abuse victims, she didn't recognize the signs until she began studying for her Bachelor's in Social Work. He had succeeded in isolating her from friends and family convinced her that she was replaceable and unwanted because of her disability. This relationship lasted for 5 years and during those years they had a son, got married, and bought a house. She allowed him to put everything in his parent's names leaving her completely dependent on him. He had convinced her not to play drums because drums “are a man’s instrument” and pushed her to become someone new; not herself.


Working with a counselor gave her the courage to leave him and find a safe place for her and her son to live.  Soon thereafter she finished her bachelor’s degree and went on to complete her master's. Through all this, God used music to draw her back to Him.  Connecting with Rob Leslie, the guitar player from Bearing Armor, drew her back into music once again. Through it all, she learned to lean on God regaining her dependence on the Lord.


Her faith quote is “No matter how far I might stray, God has a way of drawing me closer to Him through music.”





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