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Norman Hodges - Bass Guitar

Norman spent 18 years of his life addicted to drugs and alcohol. He couldn't keep a job, was evicted several times, utilities cut off and cars were repossessed. He found himself living in homeless shelters and eating at soup kitchens. At times he didn't have as much as a dollar to stay at a shelter. He spent nights in abandoned houses or buildings downtown; sleeping in stairwells. He wore the same clothes for days and held signs asking for money.  He remembers crying out to God several times to remove the curse and went to 12 treatment centers. No answer from God and no help in the centers.


Finally, in the last treatment center, he heard somethings different and got curious. They were talking about God.  Forced to attend meetings where there was more talk about God he saw people he knew from the street, who had also been homeless and they were transformed into new people. There was something different about them - he said "they looked amazingly good!"  He began to want what they had and attended more meetings; continuing to learn about God. He began reading God's word more and going to church. He was so busy learning, 3 months went by and he realized he hadn't done any drugs! God had changed him.


He finally got a job and began saving money and began buying things for his family and paying bills. During his last week in treatment God blessed him with $2600, a down payment for a nice house for his family. His family was reunited and  living in the same house.  God continued to bless him, and removed all cravings for drugs and he was able to enjoy his new life. He has started buying music equipment and playing in Christian bands. 

He is 16 years sober, and went back to school and got a degree in Addiction Counseling. Working as a Substance Abuse Counselor today, he is helping others find their way to freedom from addiction and to pursue a relationship with God. He realizes that God allowed him to go through those 18 years living like a dog in the street so he could value the freedom from addiction that He has lifted from him. He is thankful to God and places great value on the blessing provided him.


As a counselor he offers the therapeutic approach but as a Christian he offers the God whom he serves who has all power to transform and fix any broken life no matter how bad. 




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