" We are committed to proclaiming the good news of the gospel through music and the spoken word . "


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Simnein Morst - Drums

Growing up poor and in a Christian household, my life was getting up at 6:00 A.M. to go to church every Sunday, going to school, and drums. But like any kid, I went my own way, even when I would hear the voice of God speak to me. I always felt God calling me to bless others and to help them grow to become better people in Christ.


In my teenage years things began to spiral downward. I couldn't focus in school. Things at home were troublesome and was  continually disobeying God and running away from him, getting into all kinds of trouble. I was smoking weed, stealing, heavy dating, and I was even suicidal and plotting to kill myself. But as the voice of satan seemed to get louder in my ear, God's voice also began to push me to be a doer of the word and not only a hearer. That bible verse kept gnawing at me to the point where I was forced to answer God's call. That started this wonderful journey that God put me on.


In the middle of spanish in 12th grade God told me to go to Missouri and join a ministry there. He asked me to walk away from everything I had, music, girlfriend, friends, and my family. The Bible says his ways are not our ways, and I knew it was him, so I obeyed. When I put down music for good, God put it back into my hand. which led me to pray and dedicate my drumming gift and music talents to him forever until I die.


I'm now follow the voice that has been talking to me my whole life, and just obey. I live my life according to the love of Christ. He keeps me on the narrow path and helps me grow when I stumble. The only words I want to hear from the Lord when I die is "Well done my good and faithful servant."




Roland Bray