Harmony and Lead Vocals

Sallie was born into a Christian home and often sang in her home church.  Her love of music has been with her throughout high school and into adulthood. 

Sallie has a unique ability to harmonize almost instantly to any song, any style of music and does it wonderfully. You will surely be blessed by the harmony she shares.  Sallie demonstrates a wide range of musical styles which include soft melodic harmonies, beautiful solo ballads, heart wrenching story songs and raspy hard-driven blues solos.  Her wide range of vocal styles provides the ability to adjust the music, style and songs to any situation.

Sallie has experienced God’s restoration, power and deliverance in her life and the healing words of God can be heard in the songs she chooses and through her shared testimony.  She has an active prayer life, a giving heart and loves every opportunity to serve the Lord through her one-on-one interaction with the homeless to which she often ministers, to prisoners behind the walls and to nearly everyone she meets.  Her unselfish nature is a perfect fit to the music and ministry she shares.

While listening to Miss Sallie, you will soon realize that the Holy Spirit dwells within her and that her voice is the vehicle God uses to proclaim His message of deliverance and forgiveness.  Open your ears and your hearts and be blessed by the message of hope and restoration she shares.